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What Sublime Skin Contouring Treats:

Lines and wrinkles
Loose skin
Poor texture



Treatments needed:

4-6 per year

Results of Sublime Skin Contouring:


Truly Sublime

Better Skin Starts Here

For replenishing collagen and youthful skin, Smart Skin Med Spa offers Sublime Skin Contouring in Birmingham, AL, using the latest advancements in radiofrequency and infrared technology to tighten areas of mild skin elasticity.

Sublime Skin Contouring is different from other treatments because it is less invasive than other laser treatment alternatives, requiring no downtime for recovery.

Sublime Skin Contouring

What to Expect for Sublime Contouring

Step 1:

Prior to your first Sublime Skin Contouring treatment at our clinic in Birmingham, you’ll start by meeting with an experienced Smart Skin Med Spa provider for a 30-minute complimentary consultation!

We care about the success of our patients and providing them with the perfect treatment for their needs and goals. To make that happen, we’ll review your medical history and go over all of your unique aesthetic concerns before recommending a treatment.

Step 2:

Once we get your medical history, your experienced Smart Skin Med Spa provider will examine your skin, looking specifically at the area we’ll be treating to determine what changes we can make and how your physical features might affect your results.

Together, you and your provider will develop a care plan on how to achieve your desired results using Sublime Skin Contouring.

Step 3:

If we determine Skin Contouring is a good fit for you, we’ll bring you in for a session in one of our clean and comfortable treatment rooms.

Your Smart Skin Med Spa provider will give you goggles to cover your eyes, and then they will apply a cool gel to create a barrier to protect your skin.

Once the procedure is over, you are able to return to your normal activities immediately.

Step 4:

After your procedure for Sublime Face Contouring in Birmingham, AL, you can expect some mild redness and swelling in the skin that should subside within anywhere from a few hours to a couple days.

Since this procedure requires no downtime, you can resume your normal skincare and makeup regimen immediately.

You’ll start to see results from the procedure right away, but they will continue to develop over the next 4 to 6 months, giving you replenished and healthy skin!


Benefits of Sublime Skin Contouring

Reverse the signs of aging without downtime

Fine line and wrinkles will smooth out

Nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment

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