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Sculpt and Lift Your Face With Emface

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Face & Skin

What Emface Treats:

Lines and wrinkles
Decreased facial volume
Uneven and loose skin
Lack of jawline or cheek definition



Treatments needed:

3 to 4 sessions

Results of Emface:

1 year

The Results

Enhance Your Beauty Without Injections

The facelift you’re looking for doesn’t have to come from a needle or a filler. You can get toned results with the latest, noninvasive, needle-free treatment known as Emface. Our Smart Skin providers are specially trained to offer Emface in Birmingham, AL, for high-quality smoothing and sculpting.


What to Expect For Treatment With Emface in Birmingham, AL


Step 1

Prior to your first Emface session at our clinic in Birmingham, you’ll start by meeting with an experienced Smart Skin Med Spa provider for a 30-minute initial consultation.

We care about the success of our patients and providing them with the perfect treatment for their needs and goals.

To make that happen, we’ll review your medical history and go over all of your unique aesthetic concerns before recommending a treatment.

Step 2

At your Emface session, we will bring you back into one of our clean and comfortable treatment rooms.

Your provider will apply the Emface paddles to your forehead and cheeks. Emface works by delivering radiofrequency energy and electromagnetic stimulations into the face muscles to make them rapidly contract.

These contractions lead to improved muscle function and definition on the face for a more sculpted and wrinkle-free appearance.

Step 3

After 20 to 30 minutes, your Emface session is complete, and you can return to your day without a hitch. For maximum effect, you’ll come back for your follow-up for a total of three to four sessions.

Step 4

You’ll see some results after your initial sessions, but optimal results develop over time.

Typically, you’ll see the biggest difference 3 to 4 months following treatment, and results from our treatments using Emface in Birmingham, AL, can last for up to 1 year!


Benefits of Emface

Completely noninvasive


Long-lasting results

Quick sessions

About Us

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With a wide range of proven aesthetic and wellness treatments, along with a full line of signature, high-quality skincare products, we’re here to provide you with great service and even better results.

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