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Body & Wellness

What Emsella for Incontinence Treats:

Urinary incontinence
Stress incontinence
Vaginal tightening
Sexual health



Treatments needed:

4 to 6

Results of Emsella for Incontinence:

4 treatments

Wellness Matters

Rejuvenation With Emsella

Urinary incontinence can be equal parts frustrating and embarrassing. As a result, symptoms like frequent bathroom trips, leakage, and more can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life and its quality.

Though these problems can affect women of all ages, they tend to become worse as we get older—largely due to major events such as childbirth and menopause. 

Emsella for Incontinence

What to Expect During Emsella

If you’re ready to take back control of your life, Emsella in Birmingham, AL at Smart Skin Med Spa is a highly effective way to treat the symptoms of incontinence.

Once you complete your Emsella treatments, you will experience a noticeably stronger pelvic floor, improved bladder control, and even enhanced sexual wellness!

Step 1:

Before beginning Emsella treatments at our clinic in Birmingham, our first step is to meet with each patient individually for a one-on-one consultation.

We want to get to know you and understand not just your concerns and medical history, but your specific goals and the lifestyle you want to live. We’ll then make a treatment recommendation and come to a joint decision on the best service for you!

Step 2:

If you’re a good candidate for Emsella, you can expect a treatment that’s safe, comfortable, and completely non-invasive.

The Emsella device, created by BTL, works by providing High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to provide stimulation equivalent to more than 10,000 kegel exercises.

As the chair strengthens and tones your bladder and pelvic floor, you’ll remain fully dressed and can even read a book, check your phone, or listen to music while the treatment works its magic!

Step 3:

Emsella treatment generally lasts a total of 30 minutes or less, and your muscles will contract as a result of the electromagnetic stimulation.

Some patients may even see immediate improvements after their first treatment at Smart Skin Med Spa, but most will see full results after a series of 4 treatments.


Benefits of Emsella in Birmingham, AL

Overactive bladder relief

Leakage prevention

Highly comfortable treatment sessions

No invasive procedures

Improved vaginal tightness in women

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