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Shopping for Skin Treatment Products Online: Dos and Don’ts

Most people prefer to shop online rather than in-person, and it’s no wonder why! Shopping for skin treatment products is easier than ever before. That being said, not all products were created equally. The specialists at Smart Skin are here to set you up for success before your next haul—no need to fear splurging on ineffective products again.

Do Nail Down Your Goals

✅ In order to find the best skin treatment products for your concerns, you have to truly understand your skin. Are you looking for anti-aging solutions or acne-focused formulas? What is your skin type? Narrow down what qualities of your complexion you’re looking to enhance, maintain, or medically change, and keep in mind that your goals may change with the seasons.

How to Find the Best Skincare Products for Every Season

Don’t Skip Over the Brand’s Story

🚫 Do your research! Explore the brand’s website and take note of their story. They should make their expertise clear, offer helpful resources and scientific studies, and show real results from real people. 

Do Research the Ingredients

✅ What’s in the formula is ultimately what determines your results. Do some digging into what ingredients target your concerns—such as salicylic acid for acne and hyaluronic acid for aging—and avoid irritants like fragrances and chemicals. 

Don’t Ignore Bad Reviews

🚫 Don’t just take their word for it! Browse through their reviews to see what real people are saying about the brand’s skin treatment products, but keep in mind that everyone’s skin is unique. 

Do Opt for Samples

✅ If samples are available, always say yes before purchasing a full-size product. Apply the product to a small area on your forearm as directed, and if you don’t have any negative reactions, then switch to using it on your face. Remember, your skin’s cellular turnover rate is about 28 days, so give your new routine time to work before judging its efficacy. 

Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help

🚫 Don’t hesitate to contact a specialist if you’re not sure which products are right for you! They’ll help you understand the root causes of your struggles, so you can determine the best solution—from the best face cleanser to daily hydrating serums and beyond. A professional can also ensure that your routine is in the right order and differentiate your morning and evening routines, ensuring that the formulas supplement one another. 

Make Shopping Simple at Smart Skin

If you’re already investing in your skin’s health, it’s worth investing in quality, medical-grade skincare products. Smart Skin’s skincare experts are here to help you find the perfect skin treatment products to elevate your routine, no matter your skin type, concerns, or goals. Schedule your appointment today to begin your journey towards healthier skin and a more confident you!

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