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Birmingham SkinPen Micro-Needling


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Birmingham AL, Microneedling SkinPen

At Smart Skin Med Spa the SkinPen is a state-of-the-art, medical grade device created to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars on the body and face.  Our in office procedure delivers thousands of micro-injuries to initiate the body’s wound healing process. Your body begins to break down damaged tissue and produce healthy new cells. These cells repair and remodel the injured tissue, producing organized, healthy dermal tissue such as collagen and elastin.

Now in Birmingham, SkinPen Microneedling Technology activates collagen induction therapy for beautiful, youthful looking skin, plumping it up and smoothing out wrinkles.

With or without PRP

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma which is your own blood.  We take your blood, spin it with a Centrifuge and separate the good parts.  These are rubbed into the micro channels we created with the needles.  This helps the skin repair itself and stimulate collagen production.

SkinPen can be used on all body parts including the face, neck, chest, back, arms, hands, abdomen and legs. You can achieve wonderful results at a fraction of the price.


What you can expect from your Smart Skin Med Spa SkinPen Procedure

A comfortable experience
A short procedure time, approximately 30 minutes
A plan for optimal results
Mild post-procedure effects, similar to a mild to moderate sunburn
Effective on all body parts, including face, neck and decolletage
Safe for all skin types, light to dark
Ideal any time of the year
Little to no downtime
Beautiful, lasting results

THE Smart Skin Med Spa SKINPEN EXPERIENCE - Results For Truly Healthy Skin

As we age the architecture of our skin begins to deteriorate. This leads to wrinkles, large pores and fine lines. Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)is the perfect way to resolve these signs of aging at the cellular level. Microneedling creates thousands of ‘micro-injuries’ in the skin to begin the healing process. This starts the formation of collagen and elastin. These proteins are the foundation of skin. Our treatment creates youthful, beautiful skin.


SkinPen in the News

Why use Smart Skin in Birmingham for SkinPen Micro-Needling?

Smart Skin Med Spa is always working to bring the latest technology to Birmingham, AL.  The new technologies are based on the skin’s ability to naturally repair itself when injured. SkinPen microneedling we believe is a quality medical grade skin care product to penetrate deeper into the skin resulting in a more radiant look.  SkinPen is a simple in-office procedure which takes about 30 minutes depending on the size being treated.You may notice healthier looking skin immediately. The natural repair process of your skin will progress over the following weeks. Collagen remodeling happens over time and continues to improve for the next six months after your final treatment.

Before and After SkinPen Birmingham








Questions about SkinPen MicroNeedling in Birmingham

When will I see results?

Patients notice healthier looking skin immediately but most see it in a week. Remember dermal collagen takes time. The device uses your body’s response to rejuvenate. You can see final results in 3-6 months following your final session. This shows the process is natural and long lasting.

How long does the procedure take?

About 30 minutes depending on the are being treated.

Will I have any downtime?

Most patients will have what looks like a mild sunburn for 2-4 days. A little bit of swelling may follow. There is downtime from normal activity. Most patients can resume their normal makeup and skin regimen within 2-3 days.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will be determined by oue professional staff based upon your goals and the health of your skin. It is recommended for most patients to receive a series of 3 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart. For patients with deep wrinkles, advanced photo-aging, stretch marks or acne scars it is recommended to receive 6-8 sessions at 4-6 week intervals.

We also recommend creating a maintenance plan with our skincare professionals to maintain the glow and rejuvenating effects of your personalized SkinPen treatments.

Does the procedure hurt?

The unique design of SkinPen allows for individualized settings, which makes the treatment very comfortable for patients.

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