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Vanquish is an FDA-approved state of the art fat reduction procedure that targets stubborn abdominal fat and is also used for skin tightening. This safe treatment combines laser and light energy with sensors built into the machine that read your fat and heat it to 120 degrees while your all over body temperature remains at about 101 degrees. The fat in the cells is liquefied and then those fat cells are removed from the body – fat is “vanquished” permanently. No anesthesia is required; there are no needles or anything invasive; and the sensors do not touch your body. You will just experience warmth like a heating pad with no downtime afterward. (1 hour for prep & treatment time) *only available at Crestline location

FAQ: After the initial course of treatment, will I need to come back on any regular basis assuming I don’t gain weight? We recommend you maintain your Vanquish results with our Smooth Shapes XV membership (ask for details).

Recommended Protocol: 6 treatments every 7 to 14 days; combine with Smooth Shapes XV petite hand piece for greater results.

Price: $2000 for package of six Vanquish treatments which includes six free Smooth Shapes XV treatments.

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