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Holocuren Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Products

Shampoo (6 oz): $18
Conditioner (6 oz): $20
Extreme Conditioner (8 oz) $28
Anti -Aging Serum (4 oz) $27

Description: Bring back youth to your hair with this line of all natural products with a blend of 12 amino acids, Vitamins E, C, A, F and B5, Quinoa Protein in the Conditioner, and liposomes and organic jojoba oil in the serum
and nothing artificial (no silicone, parabens or petrochemicals). The “miracle” ingredient is Hydrolyzed Capauxein™ – a natural extract, derived from corn that enhances health of the hair and actually alters the hair cells causing them to act more like they did when they were younger.You will notice a difference right away – your hair will thank you!

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